Academic achievement is only a small part of the picture in a student’s life, and is often weighted far too heavily in school admissions offices. YORKTOWN SPANISH SCHOOL selects students based on indicators of their future potential, characteristics including intellectual curiosity, perseverance in the face of adversity, and creativity. Read our admissions section for more information and contact our admissions office to start your application.

Kids Drawing


Children of Ages: 18mo. to School-age

Enrollment Fees

Nonrefundable enrollment fee of $100 (Annual)

Nonrefundable supply fee of $100 (Annual)

Schedule and Tuition

Full Day (9am-3pm)

$700/mo. or $350/bi-weekly 

Extended Day (8am-5pm)

$900/mo. or $450/bi-weekly 

3 Days/week (9am-3pm)

$550/mo. or $275/bi-weekly 

3 Days/week (8am-5pm) 

$650/mo. or $325/bi-weekly 

2 Days/week (9am-3pm)

$350/mo. or $175/bi-weekly 

2 Days/week (8am-5pm) 

$450/mo. or $225/bi-weekly 

*Other options available